Goals & Vision​​​​​​​
Designing books or albums is a time consuming and skillful burden which keeps many clients from ordering. The vision was to remove as much friction as possible, provide design confidence, and make ordering books and albums a breeze.

Roles & Responsibilities
I was the designer on the project working within the design system that I developed for all of the design apps. Along with design, I have taken part in frontend react development for a variety of features including architecting and building the shared theming and components, building the gallery filter menu, supporting new products, enhancing renderings, and more.

We built a theme-able interface with flexible selections, automated layout generation based on image best fit, and high quality renderings which benefit over thousands of users each month. This tool has become the primary ordering method for book products at White House Custom Colour and has created growth into new markets and partnerships with it's simplicity.

• Persona research and discovery to understand the needs for the variety of photographers and end consumers using this design tool for different purposes

• Collaboration with the wider design team to create a system of styles with fonts and colors

•Dark theme created to be easily implemented with consistent values in the tokens/code

•Application font list, colors, and other styles are completely theme-able by other brands

•Custom iconography created to support the unique actions of the app

•Design system styles and components structured to mimic the code structure in React with Styled components for efficiency, consistency, and to reduce error

•Documentation using Storybook and Zeroheight with language guidelines, styles, and components

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