I'm a christian working in Product Design and Frontend Software Engineering. I'm a Product professional with proven ability to turn innovative ideas into well defined software products with real outcomes. Currently Senior Product Designer at WHCC creating next-gen design tools for photographers and their clients.

Soong-Chan Rah in his book "Many Colors" writes:
"The focus and main thrust of Genesis 1 is God's creative power at work. If God's creation is culminated in human beings and the subsequent endowment of His image on them, then the Genesis 1 passage implies that a key component of that endowment is the ability to create. As Andy Crouch asserts in "Culture Making", "Splashed all over the page [in Genesis 1] is God's purposeful and energetic desire to create." Does it not stand to reason that if that key attribute is the focus of Genesis 1, then the receiving of the ability to create is a key element of being made in the image of God? Humanity, therefore, has the unique ability to reflect the creative capacity of our maker."
Although Mr. Rah was using these words to speak about culture, they also apply to other aspects of God's creativity. In the design sense. God created each one of us with a purpose; a designer like me creates with a purpose in the same way. I find it remarkable for God to have allowed me also to create, in the likeness of Him. He has made me a created creator. Though I cannot create anything by word alone like the Author of the universe can, I do have the ability to work with resources to create things. So how did the Creator design? Learning from experience, the process of design can clue me into the fact that God has designed me with intent, just as I always have intentions for my designs. For that reason, I must seek to understand what is that intent, the intent of my Creator for His creation, me, or you. As I carefully and thoughtfully make purposeful design, I would be disappointed to see my creation defaced and used to communicate something other than its original created intent. For this reason it is important for me to honor my Designer by being used for the purpose I was made. I encourage you also to find that purpose in the Bible which is the word of our Designer to His creation.
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