Leftover - Organization
Leftover is an organization that rescues unserved food from restaurants after close. The process is as simple as recovering food, reorganizing it, and redistributing that food to other organizations, such as food shelters, who serve it directly to the needy.

Leftover is not the first organization of it’s kind. There are many unknown local organizations with the same mission. The goal of Leftover is to bring the food recovery process into the open, to increase the popularity of rescuing good food. To accomplish this, Leftover chose to educate the general public as well as businesses about food waste in America, all the while developing a simple waste reduction process for all those involved with the Leftover organization.
Logo Sketches
Logo Inspiration
Logo - 40% of food in the United States is wasted each year. There is a huge need for this food, Leftover is here to fill that need. Both these elements are reflected visually in the logo, the 40% slice, and the filled “R.”
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